The World  Association of Neurosurgeons is a public union of individual persones and legal entities related to neurology, created for realization the goal of Association – introduction of modern standards of diagnostic, neurological treatment and prevention of neurosurgical diseases, prevention of disability in the World. Satisfy and protect the interests of its members, patients and promote the professional activities of neurologists and protection of human and civil rights and freedoms, and satisfaction of social, in particular, economic, cultural, educational and other interests of members and / or others.

Association facilitating the development of neurological assistance programs in the world; exchange between her members and promoting the dissemination of information on anatomy, physiology, pathological histology, neurology, and related disorders requiring specialist knowledge in neurosurgery; promoting the development and promotion of fundamental and clinical research aimed in the study of neurosurgery and neurosurgical disorders.

The activities of Association are of a social nature that manifests itself in its interaction with state authorities, local self-government bodies, enterprises, institutions, associations of different forms of ownership, establishing partnerships with other public associations, movements, funds registered in the World.