Dear colleagues,
We are pleased invite you to participation in the IIId Conference of the World Association of Neurosurgeons “The Diagnostic and treatment of Neurooncological diseases”, that will be held at 06-07 of October, 2022 in National Convention Centre Canberra, Canberra, Australia.
On this congress, will be presented the latest results in neurosurgical treatment of Neurooncological diseases – intracerebral, extracerebral and other localisations hight, middle, low grade tumors and complications connected with them – symptomatic epilepsy, hypertensive-hydrocephalus syndrom and intratumoral bleeding; bacterial, viruses, candida infectious encephalitis, meningitis, ventriculitis, brain and spine cytotoxic swelling and Ommaya reservoir implantations and other methods of chemotherapy .

Will be presented the methods of microsurgical, endoscopic and stereotactic removing of infectiouse diseases, decompressive craniectomy and external ventricular drainage implantation, neurosurgical treatment of secondary injury (mts) and postoperative complication – porencephalic cysts, movement, sensory, coordinatory and urinary disorders, mental and functional, vegetative disorders, epilepsy and peripheral nerve injuries and posttraumatic pain syndromes. Special attention will be given to emergency and critical care.

To participation in the congress are invited: neurosurgeons, students and residents whose working with neurosurgical treatment of Neuroinfectiouse and– neurosurgical treatment of hyperkinesis, pain, autonomic dysfunctions and mental illness in vascular patients.
Interested persons can take part as listeners and participants – speakers, article publisher in scientific journal of the Association and prepare poster.

Registration form – 06-07, October, 2022,Canberra, Australia

Registration fee